Welcome to Verisec SA

Founded in 2012, Verisec SA’s vision is Empowering and Connecting the Unconnected. We achieve this through a solution offering which is then incorporated into our Verisec Employee Self Service Kiosk.

We continually finding new and innovative ways to enhance our kiosk solutions. We must always insure that through these devices we are “Empowering and Connecting the Unconnected” and delivering one hundred percent of what our clients require. Verisec ESS kiosks have to be versatile in their delivery and be able to expose all areas of the customers business processes and be adaptable to all areas of the clients business processes.

The idea of what we do is simply being able to expose and render any part of a clients’ ERP and business processes onto a kiosk and delivering that to the front line work force to enable them to take control of their own business requirements and empower them in order to make them and your business more efficient and ultimately improving productivity across your organisation.

To date these include HR functions such as Work Access Management, AWOP management, short shift adjustment, leave automation, salary information to name a few. At a PM (planned maintenance) level we can cater to work scheduling, maintenance order, work allocation, job allocation and purchasing.

Verisec’s complete solution offering drives the process of Human Capital Management and shop floor engagement (EAM) with HR Operations, Plant Operations and Maintenance personnel enabling them to more actively participate in the management of personal and operational data.

Verisec Employee Self Service Kiosk