About us

Verisec SA focus on delivering integrated Employee Self Service Kiosks. We respond to the requirements identified by our client, containerising and deploying any of their business process functions and transactions onto our kiosk. We deliver these kiosk applications in a two, three or four step process for ease of use by mine employees and simple user adoption.

We focus on taking certain human resource functions to the front-line worker, such as leave automation, submission of sick notes, short shift adjustment. Verisec SA also takes into account the planned maintenance environment, as well as manage the health and safety reporting and auditing functions, just to mention a few. With the advent of IoT (Internet Of Things) the kiosk also has the ability to become part of a mash network that will allow management to focus on employee whereabouts and any equipment (PPE) they should be wearing through RFID association.

We are currently working with top psychologists in developing assessments to enable culture mapping and the introduction of various employee surveys which will also be delivered through the kiosk.

User training is also done by joint planning with our clients and nominating joint teams and custodians at the various sites. We underpin and strengthen this training management initiatives by using very clever augmented reality techniques currently in use in other customers.

Verisec ESS Kiosk – Augmented reality (AR)